Left: Hudson River Park, New York, 2003 (Photo: Abel Bainnson Butz)
Top center: General Motors Plaza, New York, 2006 (Photo: Abel Bainnson Butz)
Top right: Riverbank State Park, New York, 1993 (Photo: Abel Bainnson Butz)
Bottom center: Riverside South Tower A, New York, 2002 (Photo: Abel Bainnson Butz)

Design Philosophy
ABEL BAINNSON BUTZ, LLP was established in 1968 and maintains a vital, varied and fresh approach to site planning and landscape architectural design. The firm has undertaken a broad spectrum of commissions, including urban design, parks and recreational facilities, sports facilities, college campuses, housing, and commercial developments. ABB’s broad knowledge and depth of experience have made the firm expert in analysis, planning, design development, contract document preparation and construction administration.

ABB believes that landscape architecture is about connecting man-made designs with natural environments to create meaningful, beautiful and livable spaces. This is accomplished through good conceptual design, where successful solutions are extrapolated from the site, rather than the abstract. ABB brings extensive experience, commitment, and attention to detail to each and every project. The ABB approach is personal, purposeful and productive.

ABB’s work has been recognized not only by project clients and users but also by ABB’s professional peers: a testament to our standards for quality and imaginative design approach. Our projects are successful because we realize client goals within budget, without compromising creativity. By making public spaces more personal, by humanizing the urban landscape, by respecting the environment, people and architecture, ABB creates work that continually broadens the boundaries of landscape architecture.
John S. Butz
Terri-Lee Burger


Landscape Architecture / Site Planning
Public Parks
Waterfront Parks
Athletic Facilities
Campus Planning and Design
Streetscape Improvements
Master Planning/Site Planning