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Archtober (ärk'tōbər) is New York City's Architecture and Design Month, the third annual month-long festival of architecture activities, programs and exhibitions taking place during... more
Date/s: 10.01.2014 - 10.31.2014 - Location: New York, NY

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Fondue Pot Stickers: Divergent Voices

Roots and influences – the formation, education and development of a designer based on their milieu. How is milieu defined? Is it based on geographic delineation, institutional climate or... more
Date/s: 11.11.2014 - Location: New York, NY

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Michael Graves: Past as Prologue

Past as Prologue A symposium in honor of Michael Graves on the occasion of his fiftieth year in practice Speakers include: Glenn Adamson, Adele Chatfield-Taylor, Peter Eisenman, Paul... more
Date/s: 11.22.2014 - Location: New York, NY