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Fondue Pot Stickers: Divergent Voices

Roots and influences – the formation, education and development of a designer based on their milieu. How is milieu defined? Is it based on geographic delineation, institutional climate or... more
Date/s: 11.11.2014 - Location: New York, NY

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Architecture for Spirituality: Ise Grand Shrine & La Sagrada Família

How has the design of two iconic places of worship affected Japanese architecture? This lecture focuses on the design and construction of the Ise Grand Shrine, the most sacred place in all of... more
Date/s: 11.19.2014 - Location: New York, NY

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Michael Graves: Past as Prologue

Past as Prologue A symposium in honor of Michael Graves on the occasion of his fiftieth year in practice Speakers include: Glenn Adamson, Adele Chatfield-Taylor, Peter Eisenman, Paul... more
Date/s: 11.22.2014 - Location: New York, NY