Design Philosophy
We view architecture fundamentally as a platform for human interaction. amARCH is thus committed to the belief that a building's program and use are prime generators of architectural space. Ultimately, a building's success is determined by its ability to enhance the activities that take place within it.

In making architecture, we engage in a design process of creating form from ideas, incorporating all aspects of buildings with the larger physical, cultural, political, social and economic concerns. Our foundations are built upon our knowledge of technology and our dedication to the craft of our profession. The firm's design process is guided by these objectives and beliefs:
- Program informs building form.
- Technology inspires constant change.
- Site and landscape are essential elements of design.

Firm Profile

am ARCH combines large project experience with a critical studio environment. The firm has engaged in several building types, with a primary interest in projects that engage the public. We believe that working on a variety of projects gives us the agility to think outside of the box.
Audrey Matlock
Project Types
Public Buildings
Libraries & Museums
Office Buildings
Office Interiors
Urban Design