Orlando, 2012
The proposal for Piazza Ceramica, the winning competition entry for Ceramics of Italy pavilion held in October 2012, emerged from the idea of gently lifting the opposite corners of the given 50x60... more
New York, 2007
Like choreography, the spaces of our built environment are significantly concerned with the movement of people through them. Architectural spaces have historically been conceived of and... more
New York
The project is conceived as a suspended cloud reinvesting the existing infrastructure with new cultural and recreational possibilities. It is an image of drammatic infrastructure surrounded by... more
New York
The project expands a new territory beneath the water's surface, overlapping previously distinct boundaries between water and land. It is a new model for interventions at the city's edge,... more
The proposal was born from identifying a continuous flow of undulating movement throughout the site. This movement, which ultimately defines the primary circulation artery, also create trapezoidal... more
The design for the Gyeonggi-do Jeongok Prehistory Museum was born from the natural flows through the site that connect the existing facilities without interfering with the existing topographical... more
The project harnesses the strategic location of the hotel estate by proposing a dynamic oblique opening that cuts through the bldg mass, and is oriented towards the cathedral plaza. This urban... more
Salt lake City
Utah is known to the world for its intricately carved canyon landscapes that emerge as a multicolored stratascape from millions of years of wind, water and geologic movement.  A perhaps... more
New York, 2010
Nuages is conceived of as a layered soft space that is intimate and evocative of mist and condensation. The cloud-like installation is materialized through hanging nylon string of varying... more
Hotel Centro in Guadalajara, Mexico

Nuages, collaboration with NuDance Theatre, The Lab Gallery, 150 Lexington NYC

Architectural Installation with dance performances exploring dynamics of space

Public Plaza in Salt Lake City, AIA Utah

HighBridge Cloud, International competition organized by ENYA, AIA

SnowFlake Tower in Teheran, Competition organised by Benetton

Ninth Avenue Building Addition and apartment renovation, Built

Soho Loft Renovation. Permit phase

Kallari Chocolate Factory in Ecuador. Architecture for Humanity. Finalist

Emerging New York Architects Competition, Second Prize

Choreographing Space, Storefront Space at 145 Nassau, NY. LMCC. Built

Residential Development in Tallinn, Estonia. European competition, Europan 9

Envisioning Gateway, international competition. Van Alen Institute

Temple Inter-spiritual in New Lebanon New York, Sufi Order International

Asplund Library Addition, Stockholm, Sweden
City of Stockholm & Swedish Association of Architects

Spine Couch, New York, Las Vegas,Project Global. Built

Venice Bridge Museum, Italy, Arquitectum International Agency

Jeongok Prehistory Museum, Gyeonggi, South Korea. Merit award Gyeonggi Provincial Government, International Competition

Performance and Art Renwick Center, Roosevelt Island, NY.
Honorable mention & jury selection. AIA International Competition.

+ W.A.T.E.R. Project for Benzu, Ceuta, Spain

Europan 8, European Competition

Riverdale Residence Renovation, New York. Partially built

Parachute Pavilion in Coney Island, Van Alen International Competition. Jury Selection
Selected for Exhibition and Publication (Beachscape Gallery)

Beck’s Outlet, Designboom International Competition. Finalist, Chosen for Milan Design Fair

Hotel/ Observatory in Nazca, Peru, Arquitectum International Agency

Hawaii International Conference

Siyathemba Soccer Field, South Africa, Architecture For Humanity International Competition

Design Beyond East and West, Korean International Competition

East Side Loft Renovation, Manhattan. Partially built 

East Village Pizza Restaurant Renovation, Manhattan. Partially built

Groen Hoek boat house, Brooklyn, NY. Finalist, AIA International Competition. Jury Selection
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