High Bridge Museum

The project is conceived as a suspended cloud reinvesting the existing infrastructure with new cultural and recreational possibilities. It is an image of drammatic infrastructure surrounded by clouds in the sky, a deterritorialized zone suspended above and between the city.

The structrual rings house the Croton Aqueduct Museum, a new museum typology. The museum is a unique, linear network of spaces that attempts to capture some of the expansiveness of the Croton water system and some of the technical complexity of the Croton infrastructure project . The museum is set at the same level as the highbridge water main creating direct visual and physical connections.

The cloud aims to produce moments of 'sublime' in the Kantian sense, wherein the subject experiences a sense of extreme suspended formlessness.The porous character of the suspended clouds allows for views of the bridge, as well as views outward to the city from within the cloud. 

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