Tallinn Urban and Housing Development

The proposal was born from identifying a continuous flow of undulating movement throughout the site. This movement, which ultimately defines the primary circulation artery, also create trapezoidal areas  that are similar -yet different- to each other. These are then developed into two opposite spiraling movements: 1. downwards-the podium element and the ramping underground parking; 2. upwards- defining the tower element of the final living landscape

The project proposes the repetition and variation of 9 mixed use high-rise structures and one hotel structure, that rotate, shrink or grow to capture views and sun exposure. The intension was to move away from creating a single, overpowering vertical structure; which is felt to be un appropriate for the complexities and nuances of the industrial -yet richly panoramic-site of Tallinn Bay. Thus, together these structures create a landscape of similar yet different elements, within a richly patterned environment.

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