EASTON+COMBS is a collaborative architectural office that operates as a laboratory for innovative building strategies at the intersection of material practice and applied architectural research. EASTON+COMBS approaches the production of architecture as a context for exploration of environments and the development of new spatial typologies towards critical models of social and cultural production.

Recent Highlights:

EASTON+COMBS have recently advanced a body of research that addresses lightweight sustainable structural membranes for public space intervention. Lonn Combs and Rona Easton were invited to participate in the MoMA P.S.1 Young Architects Program in 2009-10. They worked with a team of engineers on the structural potential of polycarbonate material to develop ultralight high-strength arches bound together into a transparent and dynamic canopy for public space gatherings. EASTON+COMBS received 2010-11 Independent Projects awards from the Architecture, Planning and Design Program of the New York State Council on the Arts. A full grant of 10 thousand dollars was awarded to support ongoing research and application into lightweight structural membranes for public space implementation.

EASTON+COMBS were recently awarded by the New York AIA with the New Practices New York 2010 highest honor award as an emerging an innovative architecture practice.
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