Toy Soldier Barricade

Architects Deploy Toy Soldier Security Barricades for Terrorist Hot Spots.

(New York, NY) June 7, 2008 — With a seven-year-old war raging in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States continues to be on elevated terrorist alert. And yet, the threat has never been less visible. In response to this, the maverick New York design firm Axis Mundi proposes a compelling reminder in the form of larger-than-life size Toy Soldiers to act as security barricades for the protection of international landmarks.

Larger Than Life-Size
The sculpture consists of 7-10 digitally enlarged toy soldier figures in various action poses. Each figure is larger-than-life-size (seven-eight feet tall) and cast in bronze. The soldiers will be arranged in attack formation and deployed in various international high-threat locations.

Currently, security barricades blend into the environment and try to be inconspicuous despite their ominous function. The Toy Soldier Security Barricade creates the opposite effect by bringing the threat of terrorism to the forefront of our consciousness. The Toy Soldier iconography was chosen to evoke innocence and nostalgia, yet they pose a menacing threat due to their enlarged scale and purpose.

The firm seeks to engage debate in areas that are seemingly outside the realm of most architects or designers.


Axis Mundi
Design Team
John Beckmann, Lane Lamerson, Nick Messerlian, Masaru Ogasawara with Javier Lamela, and Richard Rosenbloom

© 2008 Axis Mundi