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Founded in 1999 by AIA Fellow Barbara Wilks, W Architecture & Landscape Architecture LLC is an interdisciplinary studio which builds on links between architecture and landscape architecture to create spaces and buildings that engage both nature and urbanism. With a civic outlook and an eye for the ecological and social needs of the 21st Century, our international staff reflects the firm's holistic outlook on design and brings a variety of experiences, disciplines and talents to each project. Our office is in New York City, and we have projects in Europe, Asia, and around the United States.

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At W, our role, through design, is to create access and a means of participation-a route to discovery and engagement. In order to engage the visitor in the place, we work to create designs which solve new problems but honor old histories. We hope to create a new understanding by revealing these many project layers in new ways. We seek to foster a greater awareness of each place and its special qualities by reimagining the boundaries between things- between old and new, light and dark, inside and outside, nature and city, revealing the forces at work.
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