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BALANCE ARCHITETTURA (ex BLA until 2021) is an international Architecture firm based in Turin, Italy.
They have a second office located in Cuneo, Italy.
They took part to the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale.
Since 2011 they have been working in the field of Architecture, Interior Design, Work Spaces, Urban Planning, and Big Exhibitions.
Works of the firm have been published in the most important national and international magazines such as “Detail”, “Domus”, “Abitare”, “The Plan”, “Platform”, “World Architecture” and many others.
The team is founded by Alberto Lessan and Jacopo Bracco and is currently completed by Davide Minervini, Giorgio Salza, Alejandra Mora, Alp Arda, Giulia Barbero, Alberto Cout, Eudes Margaria.
Balance Architecture has shown his projects in Turin, Milan, Venice, Selinunte, New York, Rome, Ljubljana and others.
As a belief, they think that Architecture is the assembly and composition of elements and functions in the three dimensions.

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