Historic Townhouse in NYC

The Turett Collaborative is known for a certain kind of innovative and contemporary design, one that isn't gratuitous or random, but is deeply thoughtful and responsive. We promote an industrial sensibility without the harsh edge that often accompanies minimalism, and our work genuinely explores the frontiers where technology, materials and a new sense of form can, and do, intersect. The commonality throughout it is in the reasoning, and rationality, of each design.

TTC's work is often characterized by the innovative use of natural and industrial materials. As technology has evolved, new materials have become available that allow us to create previously-unbuildable forms; our interest in the plastic qualities of built space finds us exploring, expanding, and discovering ways to make ordinary materials sing, or shine, in a new context.

Founded in 1991 by Wayne Turett, TTC is a multi-disciplinary office including architecture and interior design, graphics, custom product and furniture design. The portfolio is broadly based and includes commercial, residential, retail, restaurant and interior work. Projects may be new construction, renovations, additions, or modernizations, including to historic properties.

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