Paerdegat Basin Water Quality Facility & Green Roof

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1 Mio. – 100 Mio.
NYC Department of Environmental Protection, Hazen & Sawyer

This landscape design is held up as a model for new sustainable design strategies, and it is the first new NYC DEP facility to include such extensive landscape installations. ABB designed the landscape elements for the 11-acre Paerdegat Basin Water Quality Facility. This project improves the water quality in the Basin and Bay by preventing sewage outflows, and provides all the ecosystem benefits of high habitat value plantings with nearly four acres of tree, shrub, wildflower, and groundcover plantings.

The design includes a 32,000 SF green roof that covers an underground retention tank, uses tall berms with evergreen plantings to screen the facility from the local community, and consists of low-maintenance native vegetation that will contribute to wildlife habitation.

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