Foto © Mountain Landing Properties
Foto © Mountain Landing Properties
Foto © Mountain Landing Properties
Foto © Mountain Landing Properties

Mountain Landing

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Bay of Islands, Neuseeland
1–5 Stockwerke

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Islands, sits 850-acres that has changed little since the Maori and missionaries occupied the land over two hundred years ago.  Mitigating conflicts, between developing the land and preserving its fragile ecological and archeological sites, became the basis for the master plan.  The developer’s program called for a lodge, a marina and jetty, a waterfront clubhouse, a limited number of private house sites, and the continuation of the existing sheep farm.

Traces of the previous cultures were identified and preserved for interpretation and the native bush, wetlands and estuaries were enhanced and expanded.  Shelterbelts, symbolic of the surrounding agricultural landscape, were introduced to screen the future house sites from primary viewsheds.

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