Leadership Memphis

Memphis, TN
Foto © Chad Mellon
Foto © Chad Mellon
Foto © Chad Mellon
365 S Main St, 38103 Memphis, TN
100.000 – 1 Mio.
1–5 Stockwerke

An organization that prides itself on building leaders through education and collaboration sought a new curb-level location that was both open and highly visible. The new facility is an existing building with two bays vacant for more than a decade.

The vision for the space was two-fold: first, to house private and flexible public workspaces conducive to highly collaborative activities, and second, to provide rentable space that would accommodate diverse group functions. The two bays are to function as either one large space or as two separate spaces. This is achieved through the use of color and directed flow patterns.

The Administration bay includes custom designed cubicles with oversized openings and functional sliders to fit the occupants’ desires. The bay contains a large layout worktop that serves as the center for group activities. Whether assembling a mass-mailer or brainstorming a new educational series, the worktop is inviting to anyone entering the space.

The Gallery bay is equipped with 1000 SF of open space, often reserved for public events. It shares facilities with the Administration bay. A vibrant yellow provides high visibility from the street and connectivity between the bays. Continuity of the color was an important factor and proved challenging as it crosses between linoleum, acrylic panels, and paint. The acrylic panels provided a high gloss sheen that changes value as the sun cascades through the space.

Overall, the project met the client’s needs and continues to draw crowds at weekly events. This client, formerly housed in a midrise and away from activity, has generated a life on its own at a formerly empty corner.

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