Montessori Progressive Learning Center

Slade Architecture
19503 Linden Blvd., 11412 Queens
> 100 Stockwerke

This interior renovation of the Montessori Progressive Learning Center in Queens, NY was part of the NYC RFP for 24 Firms, Design Excellence Initiative. The work included the creation of a library, renovations of a teachers’ lounge, renovation of all bathrooms and play sinks in the classrooms, renovation of two kitchens, and a new reception area. This project was subject to the NY City Sustainable Building Guidelines.

The renovation was completed while the building was occupied--the Montessori School has no periods of closure longer than a four day weekend. Renewable, low-toxicity products and methods were specified for the highly sensitive environment of a functioning nursery school. Working with the school and contractor, we coordinated the phasing to minimize the impact the on school operations.

The original scope called for the conversion of a small basement storage room to provide shelving for a small library. By imaginatively capturing underutilized and overlooked space including two circulation corridors, we created an amenity that exceeded everyone’s expectations within the original budget. The space we created provides the required library shelving and a reading area that can be used for larger school gatherings and presentations. The library is now programmed for various functions by the administration and individual teachers: It has become the central hub for teachers, students and parents in the school.  

Because the area designated for the new library is below grade, we strove to create a sense of openness and brightness by incorporating a reflective ceiling, bright murals and lighting.

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