Elias Bey

The Hamilton Ave Footbridge, Red Hook, New York…

New York City

Striving for Urban Resilience, The Making of a Regenerative and Lively Connection Beyond Infrastructure This project aims to improve the...

Ingo Maurer GmbH

UNICEF Crystal Snowflake

New York City, 2004

Die UNICEF Crystal Snowflake wird seit 2004 in der Vorweihnachtszeit über der Kreuzung der Fifth Avenue / 57th Street, nicht weit vom Cen...

Duvall Decker

Springdale Municipal Campus

Springdale , 2021

Duvall Decker was selected to lead this project through the Walton Family Foundation’s Northwest Arkansas Design Excellence Program. The ...

Duvall Decker

Mississippi Center for Justice

Indianola , 2012

The 6,000 square foot renovation for the Indianola office of Mississippi Center for Justice serves the residents of the Mississippi Delta...

Graham Baba Architects

The Hangar at Kenmore Town Square

Kenmore, 2017

The 4,600-square-foot Hangar and 24,000-square-foot Town Square provide a year-round focal point and a symbolic living room for the city....

Ross Barney Architects

Lincoln Park Zoo, Searle Visitor Center

Chicago, 2018

The Lincoln Park Zoo, one of North America’s oldest, has evolved since its 1868 founding into an institution that connects people with na...

Charles Rose Architects

John W. Olver Transit Center


The John W. Olver Transit Center is designed to generate through renewable sources all the energy that it uses, meaning its net-energy co...

Gabellini Sheppard Associates LLP

195 Broadway

New York City, 2016

Combining historic preservation and adaptive reuse, Gabellini Sheppard Associates restored the neoclassical office lobby of the former AT...

Marble Fairbanks

Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education…

Brooklyn, 2020

The role of the branch library today is more than a repository of information – and while access to information and media of all sorts is...

Ross Barney Architects

Levy Senior and Community Center

Evanston, IL, 2002

The new senior and community center for a mature Chicago suburb, is located on a reclaimed recycling site in a 27 acre park.  The de...

Ross Barney Architects

Oklahoma City Federal Building

Oklahoma City, OK, 2005

The devastation that was witnessed on April 19, 1995 will never leave the minds of Americans.  One hundred and sixty eight people pe...

ennead architects

The Public Theater Entry and Lobby Redesign

New York, 2012

The final phase of Ennead Architects’ ongoing renovation of The Public Theater, the new entry and lobby redesign, completes the rev...

Rural Studio

Newbern Town Hall

Newbern, 2011

Seven years after building a volunteer fire station in downtown Newbern, Rural Studio designed and built a Town Hall for the community. L...

Rural Studio

Hale County Animal Shelter

Hale County, 2006

Animal shelter with long-span, lamella structural system roof made from off-the-shelf dimensional lumber.

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

Big Pin / Phoenix Observation Tower

Phoenix, 2012

The Arizonian landscape is quiet, hot, dry, still. Monsoon rains and haboobs -intense dust storms- violently break the silence at excepti...

Ward+Blake Architects

Wyoming Nature Conservancy - Red Canyon Ranch

Lander, Wyoming, 1998

Home to the Nature Conservancy’s cow-calf ranch and educational center, the Red Canyon Ranch facility near Lander, Wyoming, require...

Who We Are



SERVING CHILDREN AND A GROWING COMMUNITY: Symbolic throughout children’s literature, trees serve as the iconic e...

Who We Are



CARVING OUT ROOM AND RESOURCE FOR TEENS Wow. This is the first time I’ve been in here and I love it! It’s so teenage...

Who We Are



TEEN LIBRARY AT FOUNTAINDALE PUBLIC LIBARY: A relevant, energized 3500 SF space was transformed into a microcos...

Zurita Architects

Comfort Stations

Randall's Island, 2010

As part of the implementation of the master plan, the opportunity arose to design the smallest buildings of the plan – the comfort ...

Duvall Decker

Mississippi Library Commission Headquarters…

Jackson, 2005

The Mississippi Library Commission is both a lending reference library and a service institution supporting libraries all over the state....


Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health…

Harlem, New York, New York, 2003

For the past five decades, Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service provided a variety of public services to the East Harle...

Marble Fairbanks

Glen Oaks Branch Library

Glen Oaks, New York, 2013

Glen Oaks Branch Library replaces an existing one story facility with a new 18,000sf high performance, LEED certified building located at...

Studio Gang

Ford Calumet Environmental Center


In order to educate visitors about the Calumet region's unique industrial and natural importance, this project reconceptualizes the w...

Krueck Sexton Partners

CCIL Campus

Chicago, IL, 2006

The Chicago Christian Industrial League, a provider of social services, commissioned Krueck and Sexton to design a new campus for re-loca...

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