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The modern “Art” museum is infected. It pretends to be a didactic device for the general mass public. Museums are formed and programmed “sponges” of speculative importance. Museums are dedicated places of collecting cultural fragments. They frame the hidden knowledge of others in attempt to create a reception of meaning. Museums perform a civilized organization of structured information. They (museums) subjectively are preoccupied with educating a speculative memory and establishing a dedicated repository of events. They institutionally promote observations about the defined moments of importance and significant meanings. While the idealized constructed notation of “art” museum promotes a moment of receptive contemplation; museums construe a privileged and civilized outlook toward humanity and its preoccupations. Museums fragment time by setting a privileged moment of mediation.

They fasten to mankind’s historical memory, manifestations, and observations. Knowing that, a museum cannot simply be defined as an institutional repository of culturally embedded objects. The more appropriate origin of the museum was initially conceived as a “prison-house” for the exuberant and exotic collections of worldly masterpieces. These co-modified objects are chained entities to their designated historical cells. They are put on constant educational exhibition for the bourgeois’ and their social exchange. Museums simultaneously absorb culture and release agents of dis-information. In displaying precious negotiable items, social crimes are being committed. These objects captured by the intellectual elite. These objects, which are at least to be considered incarcerated artifacts are at best: caged, secured, monitored, and locked.

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