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Places of worship can directly be influenced and symbolically registered as spiritual vessels and powerful community homes. Architecture in this fundraiser project had many design aspirations of creating heavenly environments. The front firewall commands an operative receptacle for asserting a shrouded surface. The wall is contorted and inflected to be a city threshold and monument to faith. The church uses many metaphors to extended it-self toward the metaphysical. The new sanctuary is cloaked with scripture and provides a rich domain of disorientation and unpredictable mandates for comprehending the world beyond us. The metadata contains seeds of the Promised land by way of suspending light and bending the upstream flow of structural forces.

The building summons a protective barrier around the program edges and sweeps a non-native novel shift around the baptistery and central space. The countermeasures to complexify the heavily articulated offers no silence on the exterior but by virtue attempts to freeze the interior by contrasting the perimeter scale with new materials. The building has unlimited potential to alternate any spatial valuations and synergies. The layers inside and the layers outside of all the walls flirt and mingle with formal moments and each side addresses porosity and reflection. The exclusive imprinting of structure is key oscillating the scrim surface-scapes. The bird’s nesting of beams and columns occupy a dizzy vision that splinters into a myriad of configuring the shadows and non-hierarchal display of converging systems. The wonderment of cladding the exterior material in cor-ten is that the corrosive surface would bleed rust and make time fade and oxidize into the mild surface. The bleeding of rust builds and codes a powerful iconic gesture. The numbing silence of physical pain and mental torture can calm or awaken the elitist shells of spatial passages. The new addition is not an intrusion but an augmented reality of hyper stitching a literal storm of flowing motions with a ghost script of God. Nature is God can dematerialise water into wine.

Lydia Chan - Designer

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