Hong Kong Tower - Adult Hotel

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People assimilate knowledge thru the tracking of disparate environments. The dissemination of making a reposed signboard for de-personifying space is a harsh item to embrace love for sale. The machined sex doll of this ancient city wears a mythological machine mask for fetishization of pleasure. The party wall is non-uniform, the voluptuous geometric multiplicity reiterates discovery and ambivalence. People who seek instant gratification have to be assured that the physical attributes resonate with a destabilized vision of movement, duration, acceleration, novelty, and emancipation. The subterfuge of abstraction makes for danger and adventure. The Sex Hotel’s program is a beacon of co-modified strangeness and conceptually realigns branding with surging attitudes of authority. The visual psyche has to make a haptic ghosting of widespread variation and digressive physical linking. A structure must map unfamiliar matrixes with gravitational forces. Today, vertical space wants to identifiably slither and splinter into a citation of terminal geo-graphics and networks. This reasoning for making the envelope slice open and be ana-morphic allows a dense resource of exclusionary concentrations to be inlaid and produced. People can consider the new picturesque as an urban application seeking intensification. The metropolitan site is entrenched with a incorporated sex industry. The nearby metro station and park offer hallucinatory scenes of estranged utterances. The private space of the back streets offer elastic public moments of making an episodic steel cloud dance and give sexuality a new specimen. The design contorts a instant commitment where the transference of imperative continuity is erotically exhibited. The two-folding moves of slithering and splintering anticipates a blending of liminal zones and exploitation. The tower design necessitates a vectorial vaulting of frozen sensation of confluence. The rampant complexity of the design has a marginal gruesome and deliberate coding of loneliness.

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