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The jet-set city of LA is a machined culture that absorbs a billboard lifestyle. Dead rubber tire shred decay rests in peace on every street corner. The city promotes an urban-cide of cultural anomalies, random cacophonous sprawls, and visual decoys. This allows media marketers to make a networked obscurant of technocratic exuberant excess of glamour. The definitive wild west of America still has traditional wagon wheel chariot affection for fast image consumption, fast love, and furious dreams. The over-grided auto-tropolis is relentless and unbound. The racetrack city is a shifted plexus of dynamic crashes and can assume a gritty interface for all its insatiable patrons. The sample project ambitiously aspires to augment the artificial and superficial extremes that unfold in all of the dysfunctional SoCal zipcodes. The project echoes a meta-physical “self” by constantly supporting new configurations and defining a mobile identity. The locomotive nomadic design strives to be an independent stealth like black box of military piquancy that traces its sonic roots to breaking fast sound with new hyper technologies. The new LA Sound booth will broadcast a unified set of transmissible social frequencies. The Mobile Sonic will shall radiate streams of beautiful rhythms that are both on and off the LA GRID. The road trip vessel attempted to contain the interference and diffraction of sound. The automated black shell is a suitcase for acoustically sealing unwanted rampant noise.

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