LOVE CANDY - Kendra Wilkerson Stores Beta

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This kit bash love interior project is intended to be a prototype for making large scale mall retail stores more intimate and personal. The interior project takes on a classical curtain -moving drape to form in silhouette of non mechanized moves. When curtains open, the stage is open and the actors perform. The space exaggerates a multi layered continuous wrapping of a container and contained objects. The shell is a host-form of making new clothes instantly display as a sophisticated gallery. The white is intended to be an artic iceberg of back grounding the softness one can feel in a surface that absorbs light. The extension of established boundaries give a conditioned overabundance of emergent support systems. The enclosure of glass erupts in a non -conventional angular fashion. The formal trending of loading the dressing rooms, shelves, counter, entry, storage, and lighting was to make a jewel case unfold. The consequential rear massing dissolves in a loose skirting to reveal the legs of its users. The outwardly directed inner-face glazing of loose and delicate topographies illustrate a bent mingling of shrouding. The open point of purchase front desk is a functional device for book signing. The active twisted and oblique design offers a flowing form to become a reservoir of codified business systems and wants to become an agent for distributing commercial goods

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