Mullhond Drive - Private Residence

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This house is a portraits a deep connection that comes from the inherent absorption of directing the site views, topography, and scale. The house was to be appointed asymmetrically over a crooked landscape that wiggles across the ground only to qualify unity and disjunction. The architecture is an exercise in overlapping the same edge and same surface at conjunctive points and at vertical collections that disperse all the facades to be individually chevron. The crenulations make marvellous dimensions that subtly spiral in depth and notability. The house offers gracious withdrawal from the neighbours. The restrained roof profile is an plinth form that brushes the sky in attempt to run a new green lawn that helps camouflage the twisted walls. The prominent massing has heavy and light features that make up and dress the skin chassis. The main materials are glass, concrete, plaster, and cedar. The severe site slope allowed for slagging of hidden spaces to be displaced along the backside. The main path through the site was courted with dominating and commanding the distinctive whole in relationship to its service appendages. The house was approved by the DRB and built. Arshia at Null.lab was a supportive person for keeping the design intact. The patron of the house managed and operated Bobco Metals from south Alameda Street. The house is abundant with exciting attention to making sophisticated material details more emphatic and more appreciated.

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