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Don’t believe the TYPE !! Delight is blind-full game of chase. So, who were the men of the stone age ? Can the instruments of today save our dying world? The quest for control is to maintain order and existence. Man is slowly crawling to full extinction by way over population. Man lives longer than ever before. Will the earth give out before man or will man suffice to what real resources are truly available? The control of nature is man’s personal challenge and preoccupation. Man has flawed delusions of not dying, not living, and not surviving. The surrounding world as we know it has diminished in all coordinates, all forms of knowledge, and it is now at a crest of constant re-invention. The seasonal existence of one’s life can echo a sign language of depression, depletion, and despair. The picture painted in this steam-punk world of hyper association mimics a global confusion of tractor beaming people from the habitable continents. When oceans run dry and become desserts, new ecologies will suggest a practical transcript on how to replant society. The outdoor urban world will become abandoned and the interior world will become more artificial. Evolutionary history and aggressive cultural thinking will mobilize man to stride forward in a direct dependency of light and it’s capacity to make regenerative energy. This project features a modern procession and concession. The massive universalising of utopia and its vast operational display of signifiers make architecture at this scale a wild behemoth of interdisciplinary exchange. Today, the objective mode to see the world is conventionalised through the computer’s ability to forecast form and function.

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