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This mobile techno table profoundly incorporates a reversed methodology of drawing the function first and then assembling stock metal sections. The DJ scratches the surface of the music in biological happenstance. The musical land open performance breaks open an exceptional pedagogy of furniture making. The flow conditions are expressed in the unfolding of bent plates and indeterminacy. The structural system has an uncanny cybernetic configuration of making the connections more informative and exposed. The syntax of real confinements and the noticeable realms of self-regulating orders compress the demands for redialling the web of formal abstractions. Point becomes line becomes plane becomes hermetic and inbred with coursing of material on top of material. The process is the product. The imprinting of dense territories and workable surface co – emerge. Trying to rationalize the exclusively mystic eclecticism is basic condition of losing the top down order of making and planning. There was no preconceiving of form, no dispersed topology of order. The table addresses the window of being observed and observing those you draw sound for.

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