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The direction and forces of nature remain illusive. Man cannot predict how the earths layers will fold and meld. The next major sets of collisions will partake in technology, culture, and globalisation. Man has always dreamt of nature being a intensified moment where rupture and turbulence can coexist in harmony and delight. The new cultural centre of Taichung will make new origins and new directions for its future patrons. The new center will embark on the new massing of striated shard like fragmented forms that re- represent the sedimentary layers of memory and lost dialogue with a forgotten landscape that get erased and gets re-partitioned for unbridled expansion. The architecture that we have envisioned tenders a correspondence of uncertainty and highlights a question for its users. The building strives to become a didactic character where the affinities for learning exhibit a neo mechanical kingdom. Mans evolution is broadcasted in the extraordinary process for making dialogues with the histories of time.
The new center for Taichung is a creative fuel injector of urban emission and seeks to carve new spaces for making a rich and connected place. The new city planning for this development demands open and closed structures that interweave spatial diversity and oblique nesting of functions.

The design at this moment utilizes circulation systems for its basic layout. The interior stacking of assignable spaces needs adjustment and more definition with its users. The image of building and the building of an image is compounded with translating the design as a forum of urbanism and seeks to link a new focus for the city. The project excessive blurring of forces and forms eludes to a new identity and thus makes a differentiated structure that seeks density in program and public amenity. The new center is two projects bundled in a swarm of involutions. The exterior of the building will use thermal massing and light gradients as a methodology of distributing comfort, materiality, and innovation.

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