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STUDIOS Architecture is defining the future of design by enhancing the human experience through dynamic, program-driven architecture. With offices in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Paris, STUDIOS provides comprehensive architectural services to a global roster of corporate clients. Our culture of innovation is driven by a collaborative team of architects and interior designers, crafting inspired solutions that advance our client’s mission.

The practice of architecture is inherently optimistic—it’s a belief in the power of design to enhance our daily lives and in the architect’s unique ability to choreograph the human experience. That optimism is what motivates us. We created STUDIOS nearly 25 years ago to be process-driven as much as results-oriented: our practice is based on the conviction that the best design comes not from a predetermined aesthetic but rather reveals itself through a process of discovery. Our team is united in the commitment to work with clients, like you, as valued partners. We are not a company of “either/or” but, instead, one of “both/and”: local and international, creative and commercial, intuitive and rational, agile and substantial, emerging and established. We are small enough to give you our personal attention yet large enough to have a wide range of expertise in-house. We are traditional artisans who value the handcrafted and pioneers at the cutting edge of emerging technologies and methods of construction. We are adept at solving complex problems and appreciate the beauty of simplicity. We see design as an inexhaustible resource that, when properly harnessed, can unleash innovation, increase productivity, and enhance your public profile.

The environment is a resource as well, but one that must be protected and managed wisely. Therefore, we incorporate principles of sustainability in all of our projects and have done so from the beginning of our practice—before sustainability was widely recognized as a fundamental responsibility of architecture. For each project, we handpick the appropriate team from our international staff of over 250 in five offices around the country and abroad. You are part of a project studio that is dedicated to tapping the design potential of your specific program. We explore options—from the seemingly improbable to the simply pragmatic—until we’ve crafted a solution that addresses your project’s particular time, use and place. It is STUDIOS’ entrepreneurial spirit and culture of continuous innovation that has brought us recognition in both the business and design press and made us the architect of choice for leading companies and public institutions throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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