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Aix-en-Provence, France - 2016
5. October 2017
Photo: Mathieu Ducros (All photographs courtesy of v2com)
MaisonA is nestled on the side of the hill on the plot. The building is discreet, but its pure lines show great strength of character. The materials used – wood and white concrete – are contemporary, but the whole fits in perfectly with the protected site.
Project: MaisonA, 2016
Location: Aix-en-Provence, France​
Client: Private
Architect: Pietri Architectes, Paris
Light Engineer: Modular 
Finished Phase: Ovatis
Painting: L3B
Sealing: Smeï
Carpentry: SAM
Floor Area: 350 m2
Photo: Mathieu Ducros
MaisonA is a simple volume built in integrally colored concrete, with wooden shutters, set over a base anchored in the hillside. This individual house was built in the Maruège neighbourhood, in a ground with big plots. The house is not in an allotment. Several houses were built in this ground and there is few co-visibility. We can place this ground between countryside and city. 
Photo: Mathieu Ducros
Concerning the house arrangement, on the first floor there are three bedrooms for kids with private spaces, as well as a living room for family. The principal view is in the living room on the ground floor, along the hallway. The bedrooms on the first floor offer beautiful open views of the valleys. Also, from the terraces there is a 360-degree view. Each room has it own bathroom. These rooms are independent and served by a long illuminated hallway. A common relaxing space brings together the whole bedrooms. 
Photo: Mathieu Ducros
Photo: Mathieu Ducros
Photo: Mathieu Ducros
Photo: Mathieu Ducros
Photo: Mathieu Ducros
Photo: Mathieu Ducros
Photo: Mathieu Ducros

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