PORT LAGUARDIA—Airport Design Competition Master Plan

Since their founding in 1964, Dattner Architects has chosen to focus on architecture for communal civic life. Through their design of transit stations, schools, housing, parks, recreation facilities, police and fire stations, their work has enriched the ever-growing urban fabric with distinctive, innovative, and inspiring buildings—positively impacting countless residents.

The core of their practice covers a broad range of typologies located in diverse urban areas – from central-city neighborhoods, to the growing outer communities that are vital to the development of the city. Dattner Architects’ projects reflect the forces that have shaped the life of each community and influenced the design of urban spaces and buildings. Over time, their work has grown in scale and complexity, but their role throughout all of their projects has stayed remarkably consistent. They are not only architects, but steadfast advocates and facilitators of the complex exchanges between the communities, professionals, and government officials required to realize these projects.


Across the five boroughs and the region beyond, their work has had a significant role in the transformation of the urban fabric and has contributed their vision of what cities can be. While their design approach is rooted in a sense of participation within a larger, overarching story of urban improvement and renewal, this involvement is manifested through the work they undertake and the way in which their office operates. Dattner Architects has grown to over 100 people, with a committed group of associates and staff. They seek to balance their resources and experience with a sense of excitement and continued civic commitment. Throughout the office, there is a respect for a healthy life-work balance, and a strong encouragement to get involved in impactful community and professional activities outside of the office. 


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