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De-spec is a New York City-based W/MBE design firm leading the creation of thoughtful, contemplative homes, boutique shops and institutional projects. We successfully frame and lead the design of creative and beautiful projects through a subtractive process, with a portfolio of residential buildings, townhouses, apartments, ground-up homes, as well as retail and civic spaces workspaces.

Founded in 2002, the firm’s name “de-spec” is an abbreviation of the term ‘de-speculative,’ which at the time was objectively responding to the rising trend of speculative construction where generic design is applied to all projects and the meaning of design had morphed into accumulation and addition.

With over twenty years of practice, de-spec’s early projects range from Design of House ground up in East Hamptons, New York to designing internationally recognized retail brands launching USA. Headquartered in West Chelsea Art district of New York City, most recently, the firm has expanded with an office in Los Angeles, California, with active projects in California, Tennessee and Mexico as well as New York and Connecticut. De-spec is a certified W/MBE.

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