Photo © Knight Architects / Knippers Helbig
Photo © Wilfried Dechau
Photo © Wilfried Dechau
Photo © Wilfried Dechau
Photo © Wilfried Dechau
Photo © Wilfried Dechau
Visualization © Knight Architects / Knippers Helbig

Fußgängerbrücken Opladen

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In 2009 the Anglo-German team of Knight Architects and Knippers Helbig won an international competition organised by Stadt Leverkusen and Regionale 2010 for two new pedestrian and cycle bridges at the town of Opladen near Leverkusen in Germany.

The two 100m-long bridges will provide improved connections across a broad area of railway lines which divide the established heart of Innenstadt and the proposed new development area of Neue Bahnstadt Opladen to the east. The project will replace a pedestrian subway and the bridges will act as both a new link and as a symbol of the major urban regeneration already under way.

The bridge structural design makes efficient use of the frequent opportunities to place supports between the railway lines which characterise the area. The beam depths vary according to span length so the varying wave form of the structure reflects the forces.

The pedestrian enclosure is formed with a series of vertical steel and timber fins, framing long views between the old and new towns. The profiles of the fins vary constantly, to counterpoint the form of the structural beams.

Knight Architects, High Wycombe, Bucks

Structural Design
Knippers Helbig Advanced Engineering, Stuttgart

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