Tri Climatic Biosphere

United Arab Emirates

Making Future Present.

The minute we are making plans we live in the future, but most of us don't realize or think of it in this way. As architects, no matter how small a project may be, we have to foresee the future in all its possibilities, make it work, make it worth imagining, designing it and eventually building the future. If it does not add any value to our daily lives, it is not worth pursuing. I feel the responsibility as an architect to imagine and build a future that is exciting, that gives us new experiences, new views on the world around us and at the same time a future that is realizable, real and tangible. This is what makes architecture important and worth while, to make the future desirable, where you want to be and to make it a reality. Making Future Present is what LEESER Architecture is about. Give me the tomorrow right now!

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