Triple Townhouse

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New York

Douglas Friedman, Karen Fuchs

LSS combined three landmarked townhouses in the Carnegie Hill Historic neighborhood. The program required intimate spaces for a family of five, and large areas for hosting public events and showcasing a contemporary art collection.


Verticality and light were among the principal objectives and were emphasized using a dynamic stair housed within a central five-story atrium that brings unexpected views as it winds its way up through the house. This tall space is used to not only connect the various rooms along the perimeter, but also to bring light into the home. Massive walnut frames penetrate the existing masonry walls to connect the atrium to perimeter rooms on each floor.


The style of the various rooms, and the project as a whole, were the result of working closely with clients who encouraged a dialogue between the contemporary and the traditional. To achieve the vocabulary of complex details LSS developed a grammar of connections and materiality to create a language that was at once ornate and completely modern.


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