NOZ Arquitectura
on 10/27/17
The project consisted in the refurbishment of the existing school building and extension with a new adjacent building to accommodate the new program. Exposed brick was applied in bands of different colors, recalling the idea of a bookshelf.
DL Atelier
on 10/26/17
Sanbaopeng Art Museum is located in Sanbao village, a scenic place not far from the Central City of Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China. In the past decade, porcelain artists were attracted here to build their own studios. Thus a nascent, dynamic, porcelain-centric hub is thriving and...
on 10/25/17
Brancott Vineyard, site of the first Sauvignon Blanc plantings in Marlborough and home of Brancott Estate, will also be the home of a permanent installation by New York-based designer, Dror Benshetrit. Titled Under/standing and composed of cutting-edge geometry, Dror’s...
on 10/25/17
At the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline by the village of Båly, Snøhetta has designed Europe’s very first underwater restaurant.
Anik Péloquin Architecte
on 10/20/17
The owners purchased a small house on a secluded lakeside lot in La Malbaie. For its first three decades, the house was used as a hunting lodge, then it became the summer home for the Sisters of Charity. The urbanite owners lived there sporadically for six years to acclimate themselves to the...
Coop Himmelb(l)au
on 10/19/17
The Customer Information Centre and Event Forum PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes - for the company Backaldrin in Asten consists of two elements: a box shaped plinth building with foyer and event rooms plus the “Wunderkammer des Brotes”, a two storey freeform exhibition area...
Jacques Ferrier Architecture
on 10/19/17
The headquarters of Métropole Rouen Normandie is a unique, memorable and fitting image on the banks of the Seine in Rouen. What makes it so unique is how the new building fits in with the surrounding landscape of Rouen.
Balmori Associates
on 10/18/17
A new park designed by Balmori Associates at São Paulo Corporate Towers celebrates the Mata Atlântica forest’s biodiversity and spatial richness in the dense urban fabric of São Paulo.
on 10/18/17
In Europe’s second largest baroque castle schneider+schumacher has just completed a modern study and conference centre for Mannheim Business School. Dug into the garden, the new intervention and the historic building together now form a remarkable unity that symbolizes not just the desire...
Hariri Pontinari Architects
on 10/17/17
Hariri Pontarini Architects (HPA) and Pinnacle International have unveiled their design for the over four million square-foot property at One Yonge. The development, on Toronto’s waterfront, rethinks the typical mix of residential, commercial and retail space found in Toronto.
Taylor Cullity Lethlean
on 10/16/17
The landscape design of Towers Road Residence, Toorak, by TCL (Taylor Cullity Lethlean), has won a 2017 National Landscape Architecture Award of Excellence.
Keisuke Maeda / UID
on 10/16/17
Keisuke Maeda's casaneiro is a timber-framed house that is organized with a series of parallel walls and highlighted by bold colors.
Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University
on 10/13/17
Qingyuan Young Professors’ Club derives from the former site of Qingyuan Primary School in Qingyuan Village, Tonglu County, Hangzhou. It includes two reconstructed old school buildings and a new building which can contain one hundred people. The site of the project will be Young...
Studio Libeskind
on 10/12/17
Studio Libeskind in collaboration with Lord Cultural Resources, photographer Edward Burtynsky, landscape architect Claude Cormier, and Holocaust scholar Doris Bergen, inaugurate the National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa on Wednesday, September 27, 2017.
on 10/12/17
Snøhetta has completed the new Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD) of the University of Bergen. This open, robust and interactive building gathers KMD’s 350 art and design students under one roof, while simultaneously connecting the faculty and the city of Bergen.
FAHR 021.3
on 10/11/17
The pavilion exhibits a video art piece from the 32ª São Paulo Art Biennale by Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca. Surrounded by the gardens of Serralves in Porto, FAHR’s structure is an architectural object that explores the ambiguity between the presented work and...
on 10/9/17
A few days ago, the building that will house the Musée de la Romanité was delivered to the city of Nîmes prior to the installation of its collections and its forthcoming 2018 opening. The building and its unique façade face the Roman Arena of Nîmes. In the...
Pietri Architectes
on 10/5/17
MaisonA is nestled on the side of the hill on the plot. The building is discreet, but its pure lines show great strength of character. The materials used – wood and white concrete – are contemporary, but the whole fits in perfectly with the protected site.
ADHOC Architectes
on 10/4/17
ADHOC architects team is proud to present the recently completed project “La Géode”, carried out in cooperation with the young promoters of Knightsbridge. The project is located on “de la Roche” Street, in the neighbourhood of Le Plateau Mont-Royal, a vibrant...
Naf Architecture & Design
on 10/3/17
Naf Architect & Design's design for an office building in Tokyo's Minato ward is composed of a series of hut-like volumes, hence the name Village on a Building.
BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group
on 10/3/17
An old African saying says: It takes a village to raise a child. The LEGO House could be conceived as a village for playing and learning – an urban space as much as architecture.
Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design
on 10/2/17
Creche Ropponmatsu is a kindergarten located in a residential area in Fukuoka city. Emmanuelle designed the architecture, interior space, logos and graphical signage, with a vision to open a new kindergarten where children can grow up freely in mind and body.
on 9/28/17
The result of a multidisciplinary collaboration between architects and engineers, FunambOule is a self-supporting footbridge spanning a pedestrian portion of Saint-Catherine Street, in Montreal, Quebec. Designed by Architecturama and Latéral, the footbridge allows visitors a new vantage...
Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter
on 9/27/17
The project is the winning proposal by Krupinski/Krupinska Arkitekter in the open international competition for a new pavilion in the King's Garden in central Copenhagen. The competition had a total of 64 entries and the project was opened to the public in the late summer of 2017.
Richard Meier & Partners Architects
on 9/26/17
Richard Meier & Partners has completed its first pedestrian and vehicular bridge. With a surface area of approximately 4,150 meters and a length of 185 meters, the new Cittadella Bridge is a precast-concrete and painted-steel modern structure designed to connect the city of Alessandria, Italy...
CannonDesign + NEUF architect(e)s
on 9/22/17
After nearly a decade of work, CannonDesign + NEUF architect(e)s are pleased to announce the completion of Phase 1 of the Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM).  Begun in 2009, the CHUM teaching institution is the largest healthcare construction...
Paul Kaloustian Studio
on 9/12/17
Beirut-based Paul Kaloustian Studio was awarded third prize in the competition for the New Cyprus Museum in Nicosia.
NBJ Architectes
on 9/8/17
The challenge of building the Sports Hall Jean-Louis Trintignant in Uzès is to suggest a project that can work perfectly with the existing environment while creating optimal conditions allowing sports practice. The main focus is spot on the utility of the interior areas, as well as the...
Team V Architectuur
on 9/7/17
Hotel Arena in Amsterdam has been recently transformed by Team V Architecture into an exquisite hotspot for both tourists and locals. The design creates a hotel secluded within the oasis of a city park, which is unique to Amsterdam.
Richard Meier & Partners Architects
on 9/6/17
Richard Meier & Partners has completed its first international residential tower and its first project in Israel. The new Rothschild Tower is inspired by the scale and Bauhaus design principles of its neighbors in Tel Aviv’s White City.
KIT Karlsruhe + ETH Zürich + Singapore-ETH Centre
on 9/5/17
MycoTree is a spatial branching structure made out of load-bearing mycelium components. Its geometry was designed using 3D graphic statics, keeping the weak material in compression only. Its complex nodes were grown in digitally fabricated moulds.
on 8/30/17
Flower Cage House is a former housing estate with an internal area of 300m2. The owner wanted to renovate the house to provide spaces that suit their needs to full capacity. After a home survey the architects proposed to adjust the interior space to bring in natural light and add...
Kanokwan Trakulyingcharoen
on 8/30/17
Y House opens a dialogue with its existing context through the rhythm of building skin layering. It brings about the perception of the flow of spaces from the context to living spaces of the house. The relationship creates enclosed spaces and environment that provides privacy, while connects...
Marek Štěpán
on 8/29/17
Church of St. Wenceslas in Sazovice is a modern rotunda and contemporary architecture built on conservative principles from Moravian architectural office Atelier Štěpán.
on 8/28/17
In both IPARK developments (Block 1 and Block 2) a pointillist framework of colour in two distinct designs - similar to the texture of a fabric or a media screen - is used to connect and dissolve the individual apartment towers into one consolidated mega-block, whilst creating distinct identities...
Batay-Csorba Architects
on 8/25/17
CORE Modern Homes is a 16,000sf 7-unit townhouse development which explores the potential of spatially oriented apertures that work to induce movement and visual interest within an efficient volume which maximizes programmatic potential.
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