1 Grand Army Plaza

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Axis Mundi
100K - 1M
1-5 Stories

It wasn’t necessary to overthink things when Axis Mundi designed interiors for an apartment at Brooklyn’s glass-sheathed 1 Grand Army Plaza, the luxury building by Richard Meier already endowed with all the “starchitect” bells and whistles, as well as drop-dead stunning views of Brooklyn, the harbor and Prospect Park. What did require considerable aptitude was to strike the right balance between respect for these assets, particularly the panoramas, and livability. The all-white scheme doesn’t just complement Meier’s own aesthetic devotion to this purest of pure hues; it serves as a cool backdrop for the views, affording comfortable vantage points from which to enjoy them, yet not drawing attention away from the splendors of one of the world’s most distinctive boroughs. Sleek, low-lying Italian seating avoids distracting interruptions on the horizon line. But minimal color accents and pattern also sidestep what could have been a potentially antiseptic environment, making it tactile, human and luxurious.

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