640 Camp Street

New Orleans
Elevated Courtyard
Photo © Micahl Wyckoff
Elevated Courtyard - Play Area
Photo © Micahl Wyckoff
Living Area
Photo © Micahl Wyckoff
Living Area 2
Photo © Micahl Wyckoff
Master Bedroom
Photo © Micahl Wyckoff
Private Courtyard Stair
Photo © Micahl Wyckoff
Courtyard Concept Sketch
Drawing © NANO
NANO Architecture | Interiors
New Orleans
1-5 Stories

The former home of Emeril’s Homebase was purchased by clients who wished to
renovate the ground floor and construct a garage at the rear of the site. Having
recently moved to the Central Business District (CBD) area, and beginning to have
thoughts of starting a family, they were enthralled with the idea of having a grassy
backyard hidden among the brick and concrete that surrounded them.

NANO designed a garage which is separated from the rear wall of the building, allowing light to get into the new first floor bedroom, and covered the roof with greenery that can be accessed immediately upon exiting the building on the second floor. Additional green walls climb the surrounding brick surfaces, creating a garden retreat in the heart of the urban environment.

Through the development and analysis of sun studies, as well as private and public exterior space program needs, the design resolved to an “elevated backyard” with a courtyard and garage on the first floor. The courtyard is flanked by a cantilevered stair and garage on one side, with a protruding storefront on the other side. The “elevated backyard” has integrated plant beds, benches and split levels for seating and play areas. There is a sun trellis with lights and fans for comfort. This design resolved all of the client’s needs and provides the only single-family backyard within the CBD.

The defining detail of this project is this is resolution of all the client’s needs
within the program, and providing the only single privately owned property in the
CBD that has a backyard.

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