Art Center College of Design - Entertainment Design

Photo © Darin Johnstone Architects
Photo © Darin Johnstone Architects
Photo © Darin Johnstone Architects
Darin Johnstone Architects

This project was initiated to create a home for art center college of design’s growing entertainment design department. The program consisted of a home room, visualization labs, motion capture studio, direct instruction spaces, offices and storage. The primary challenge was to create a spatial identity for this contemporary department in the iconic Craig Ellwod building constructed for the school in 1976. The building, considered by some to be Ellwood’s best non-residential work, is a study in Miesian high modernism. While the exterior, the structural system, the underlying order and especially the bridge are extraordinary, the building interiors were clearly impacted by budget and deviated from the original driving concepts of flexibility, transparency and openness. Our approach coined ‘even less is more’ was to work to understand and accentuate (through reduction) the ordering system, the building proportions, and to exploit latent building qualities through light, transparency, reflectivity and contrast.

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