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The City of Munich recognizes MICHELGROUP for excellence in the restoration and historical preservation of the Galeria Kaufhof Department Store façade at the “Stachus”. The "Stachus" is a square in central Munich, an area known for its landmarks and history. The Galeria Kaufhof Department Store is a significant part of Stachus’s history beginning with the erection of this building designed by Architect Theo Pabst in 1951. It is the first postwar department store built in Munich.

MICHELGROUP GmbH had been engaged to provide the architectural design services for the complete renovation of the Galeria Kaufhof’s Façade including all phases from planning through construction management. During the time span of only two years, MICHELGROUP completed the design and implementation of the new façade successfully meeting the standards of historical preservation and at the same time modernizing the building’s functional requirements.

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