Haus am Bielersee

Ipsach, Switzerland
Markus Schietsch Architekten
Ipsach, Switzerland



2012 - 2014

780 m3

Situated in the shore zone of Lake Biel amidst lush vegetation, wild willows and natural meadows the house keeps strong spatial connection to the surrounding nature. Therefore the interior spaces get extended by a large porch on the ground floor and two terraces on the first floor. Porch and terraces generate inbetween spaces where the clients can experience the play of nature, the change of the seasons and the twittering of birds but still be protected and feel safe. Large windows connect inside and outside. The sunlight enters the interior spaces through a filter of timber lamellas framing the outside of the porch.

Since slight floodings may occur the house is elevated eighty centimeters above the ground. The living area on the ground floor is designed as a free-flowing open space opening up towards the garden side of the house. Freestanding elements as the fireplace and the kitchen island partition the space and create different spatial qualities. The private rooms are located in the upper floor and each room has access to an outside terrace which gets formed through a setback of the ouside wall. The setbacks on the first floor create more privacy for the inside and help to interlock the house with the surrounding.

The entire house is build as a timber cunstruction with a facade of bright glazed timber boards and lamellas. With its sustainable timber construction the house again interlocks with the lakeshore.

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