Help 1 Residence

Slade Architecture
1-5 Stories

The scope of this project is to upgrade the HELP Family Residence Housing Complex by improving conditions in and around the complex for safety as well as aesthetics.    

The work includes replacing the exterior facades and upgrading the interiors of all 196 dwelling units of the residential buildings including the floating hospital (2 units), superintendent’s office, staff lounge, and board of education office. Included in the scope are new kitchens and bathrooms for all units and new ADA accessible (10 units) and adaptable (26 units).

Several safety features will be upgraded as well including a addressable fire alarm system and compliance with OSHA regulations. All interior outlets will be upgraded to be child-proof and all outlets in wet areas will be GFI type. Structural renovations include repairing the existing exterior stairs and parapet structures.  

We are replacing the existing EIFS and single pane windows with Insulated Metal Panels and insulated windows.  Our goal was to provide the most cost effective and durable solution possible while also refreshing the exterior appearance of the complex to create a more positive and happy environment. In order to provide a cost effective solution we worked with color and two metal panel thicknesses to create a sense of whimsy and movement wile reinforcing the massing of the existing building. 

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