Lyman Office Building

Jackson, Wyoming
Photo © Douglas Kahn
Photo © Douglas Kahn
Photo © Douglas Kahn
Photo © Douglas Kahn
Photo © Douglas Kahn
Photo © Douglas Kahn
Photo © Douglas Kahn
Ward+Blake Architects
1-5 Stories

Constructed as one of the first planned-mixed use development in the town of Jackson, the Lyman building demonstrates Ward + Blake Architects’ commitment to cutting-edge design and innovation within the boundaries of sometimes stringent zoning  and budgetary considerations.  Designed on a development budget that required optimal return on investment, the Lyman building maximizes leasable floor-area-ratio with a daylight basement that is literally carved out of the site to create full-height windows in downstairs apartments.  Three commercial spaces work smartly together in the flexible two-story loft-like interior.  Residential and commercial uses combine comfortably, including a shared parking lot accessed by residents primarily at night and commercial customers by day.  Located at a downtown intersection, the Lyman building was designed to interface with two busy streets, using a barn like form to integrate with the Jackson Hole vernacular.

Featuring an appealing combination of wood shingles, steel railings, and bronze hardware, the Lyman building is both contextual and practical in its use of material, requiring minimal maintenance.  Two-story structural wood columns visually minimize the building’s mass, while iron railings create negative space that further divides the large elevations.  A successful experiment in designing for a multi-purpose program, the Lyman building enjoys continued success as a commercial and residential space.

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