MOD - Museum of Deconstruction

Los Angeles - CA
Rob Mothershed [Architects]

The M.O.D is a small event space that became an exhibition of webbing and programming a fluid skin and structure. The intensive rough cladding of metal was to evoke a functional memory and code the architecture with a certain pre-engineered gone wild faded mirror appearance. The glimmering space was to be leased out on a temporary basis for creative artists and for filming intimate scenes. The hardcore facing of broken shards and construction exemplify the potential to exploit what used to be a meat-packing and freezing storage company. The industrialized fragmented character constructs a rigid shell along the willow street sidewalk. There are sliding façade features that parallel the meditative context of reflecting and bouncing light. The metal material was composed to rotate from a vertical application toward a shifting horizontal striation. The small apertures and slid on a nip tuck basis to create edges and puncture notations of privacy within an open building. The unmistakably new oddness featured a random sci-fi alien quality and allowed the neighbourhood to resonate on a cyber punk level. The indented skin-scape and pattern exploration of sculptural light and organic melding of deformations was entirely composed and translated in the process of jumping the lineaments of the physical model to actual building. One to one scale emerged from a 1/8” model with no pre-drafting of specific materials. The design model effectively failed in good ways. It failed to transcribe a personal logic to argue appropriate panel locations as well as intervening a direct host-form. The multi- dimensionalities of a synthesized FOCUS became a system for scattering the unwilling forces of assembly.

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