Single house Hronov

Hronov, Czech Republic
Chmelař architekti
Divadelní , Hronov, Czech Republic
1-5 Stories

We had a plan to buy our own house in Hronov hometown a
long time ago. It was a weekend house, we would call it the
"summertime house" if we lived in the time of the First
Republic. It is a symbol of peace and relaxation, something
like an endless holiday and an opportunity to meet our
families and friends. We love the countryside here. I also have
a working relationship with Hronov and an unremitting vision
of "for more beautifull Hronov". Hronov is a small town in the
East Bohemia known mainly thanks to famous natives: writers
Alois Jirásek, Josef Čapek, Egon Hostovský and director Jan
Špát, and also thanks to the longest running festival of
amateur theater Jiráskův Hronov.
The house is rich in shape exactly in the spirit of our other
buildings.I wanted to try out what incentives these
spaces provide in terms of long-term use. If it really enrich
you, as I think, or if it became ordinary after some time. I'm
still excited. During construction, we have only specified some

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