The Libeň Brewery

Chmelař architekti
5-20 Stories

Libeňský brewery is a set of three residential buildings with a large parterre, where are located business units and restaurants.
The significant element of the complex is the existing brick chimney, which is architecturally valuable and artistically and technically well-preserved dominant, which refers to the history of the place and at the same time creates a significant landmark.
The configuration of the three residential buildings of the complex is inspired by the geometric shape of the plot. We deliberately break the mass at the corner of the parcel and move this part into the courtyard. This creates a passage for light and views from the courtyard to the greenery of the square. This view also works in the opposite direction from the square, from where its greenery grades through the courtyard of the area with trees to the facades of the building "B" to the continuing slope behind the entire area. The resulting gap above the parterre between objects "A" and "C" is an element typical for the area.
The building "A" is linked to the existing neighbouring house. It will be lined with light grey brickwork, which will become a unifying element of the complex and on its opposite side it will optically connect with the chimney. The geometrical shapes of the facade come from the ground plan of the building, the holes over several floors make the whole house look optically smaller.
Object "C" has a technicist metal structure. Its concave-convex openwork along with the overlap below the lower edge of the balconies creates an interesting and spectacular game that creates the impression of a waving fabric.
Building "B" is a courtyard house with nine floors designed to give the most green impression overgrown.
We designed the inner courtyard with a view of the dominant of the whole area - the chimney. In its most spacious part, we placed a terraced mound with multi-stem trees, which will create an optical barrier to prevent the view between the windows of the lower floors of individual houses. The trees of this terraced mound are also, together with the greenery of the facade of the "B" building, connecting the gradation of greenery from the square to the hill in the background. Behind the pavilion, we designed a community garden with flower beds, compost and a greenhouse.

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