Slade Architecture

DIFFA Installation

New York City, 2010

Born Again—In this installation made for the Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids, we conceived and created an installation tha...

Slade Architecture

Greenberg Van Doren Gallery

St. Louis, 2002

This project for the Greenberg Van Doren Gallery in St. Louis required the renovation of an existing three-story building to provide gall...


New Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion

New York, 2011

Placed on the New Amsterdam Plein, the NY400 Dutch Pavilion is presented as a gift from the Dutch government to the people of New York. T...

Carlos Brillembourg Architects

World Arts Center

New York City, 2002

This fundamentally optimistic project to build two towers housing artists and writers believes in the rebuilding of this site as an oppor...

Carlos Brillembourg Architects


Americas Society, NYC, 2009

An installation created for the Americas Society retrospective for Carlos Cruz-Diez. The architecture was designed in collaborati...

james corner field operations

The High Line

New York, 2011

James Corner Field Operations is the lead designer for the High Line, the transformation of an unusual 1.2-mile long abandoned el...

Axis Mundi

Toy Soldier Barricade

The threat to just about any place in the world where crowds tend to gather has never been greater. Barricades—of concrete, metal, r...


Endless Table (Kiesler Exhibition)

The Drawing Center, New York, 2008

For the exhibition “Frederick Kiesler: Co-Realities” at The Drawing Center in New York City, a 144 foot long table meanders t...


Canopy MoMA/P.S.1

New York, 2004

Canopy was a temporary structure built with green bamboo in the courtyard of P.S.1/MoMA, a contemporary art and music venue whose weekly ...

Krueck Sexton Partners

Crown Fountain

Chicago, IL, 2004

The award-winning Crown Fountain at Millennium Park was conceived as a 21st century fountain as an interactive public sculpture in a new ...


Redhook Center for the Arts

Brooklyn, 2000

Red Hook Center for the Arts is a public art gallery, performance space, and art education center in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The facade of R...

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