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Studio Libeskind

National Holocaust Monument

Montalba Architects, Inc.

Westridge Residence

Los Angeles, 2011

While also capturing 270-degree views of downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean, this massive foundation-up renovation and second-sto...

Axis Mundi

Cottage in Sagaponack

Sagaponack, 2013

The exterior of what looks like a vernacular Hamptons shingle cottage, designed by architect Blaze Makoid, is intentionally deceiving. Fo...

CDR Studio Architects PC

Long Island Residence

Long Island, 2012

The Long Island Residence is located in a rural community on the edge of the Long Island Sound. Approximately twenty-five miles from the ...

L-Plan Lighting Design

7 Oaks Farm Studio

St. Charles, 2004

aidlin darling design

Courtyard Residence

California, 2011

Conceived as a series of interconnected pavilions enclosing a garden, the courtyard-house typology is utilized to achieve private interio...

aidlin darling design

Paso Robles Residence

Paso Robles, California, 2010

This rural home sits on an 80-acre agricultural site in California's Central Coast wine region. From the plan layout to the assembly ...

Rural Studio

20K Houses

Hale County & Marengo County, 2012

The 20K House project began in 2004 as an ongoing research project to address the need for affordable housing in rural areas and provide ...

Rural Studio

Christine Papercrate House

Masons Bend, 2005

The Green family house, made from Papercrete, a construction material composed of pulped paper, clay, and cement that has existed si...

Rural Studio

Bryant Haybale House

Masons Bend, 1995

House for Alberta & Shepard Bryant.

Rural Studio

Harris Butterfly House

Masons Bend, 1996

House for Anderson and Ora Lee Harris.

Rural Studio

Lucy Carpet House

Masons Bend, 2002

House for Lucy Harris & family.

Franklin Studios Architecture Corp.

Eagle Rock Housing Development

Eagle Rock

The inspiration for the form of this eight house development was the dramatic site, with its steep slope, southern exposure and dramatic,...

Robert Young Architect

Bluff House

Montauk, 2000

Perched on a bluff overlooking Block Island Sound, the property is a flag lot at the edge of a new subdivision, bordered on three sides b...

Robert Young Architect

Montauk Lake Guest House

Montauk, 2007

Designed to accommodate a growing family and close friends, this lake-front compound includes a 4,500-square-foot main house with 50-foot...

Robert Young Architect

Montauk Lake House

Montauk, NY, 2007

Designed to accommodate a growing family and close friends, this lake-front compound includes a 4,500-square-foot main house with 50-foot...

Robert Young Architect

Caroll Gardens Townhouse

Brooklyn, 2005

Robert Young Architect

Further Lane Bathrooms

East Hampton, 2006

Robert Young Architect

Kettle Hole House

East Hampton, 2008

Robert Young Architect

Art Barn

Greenwich, 2007

Designed for a pair of artists, this 10,000-square-foot "Art Barn" features a "green screen" that creates a living sk...

Robert Young Architect

Further Lane Kitchen

East Hampton, 2008


Tower House

New York, 2012

This small vacation house is designed as a stairway to the treetops. Keeping the footprint to a minimum so as not to disturb the wooded s...

Bossley Architects

Private Residence

Maui, 2009

This private house proposes a new way of living in the tropical Hawaiian climate. Whereas most houses on Maui are sealed air-conditioned ...

Alberto Campo Baeza

Olnick Spanu House

New York, 2008

The place is of profound tranquility where after a day of rain and fog an intense light reflects in the stilled mirror of the majestic Hu...


Newton House

Newton, MA, 2011

Located in a suburb of Boston, this house serves as a gathering point for a couple’s children and many grandchildren. The addition ...

Fougeron Architecture

Flip House

San Francisco, 2012

The Challenge. To reconnect an erratic San Francisco home to its striking landscape, light, and views and transform its confusing program...

Swatt | Miers Architects

Hudson / Panos Residence

Healdsburg, CA, 2008

The Hudson/Panos Residence, located on a knoll on a nine-acre site overlooking the Dry Creek Valley in Healdsburg, is designed as an info...

Swatt | Miers Architects

Methven Residence

San Anselmo, CA, 2009

Set deep into a steep and heavily wooded rural site in San Anselmo, the Methven Residence weaves around and embraces a magnificent Herita...

Swatt | Miers Architects

Swatt Residence

Layafette, CA, 2000

This project is an architect’s home for a family of five, including three young children in Lafayette, California. The residence is...

Swatt | Miers Architects

Morley Residence

Lafayette, CA, 2005

The Morley House is situated on a gently sloping site bordering a meandering stream. The L-shaped plan has 3 levels that step with the co...

Swatt | Miers Architects

Garay Residence

Tiburon, CA, 2010

The owners had lived in Tiburon, California for many years, dreaming of one day transforming their low, one story home into a setting bef...

Swatt | Miers Architects

Stein Residence

Orinda, 2012

On a majestic ridge with sweeping views of bucolic hillsides and valleys the Stein Residence is an extreme makeover of a previous one-sto...

Swatt | Miers Architects

Prefab Prototype Residence

Emeryvillle, 2012

The partnership with Simpatico Homes represents an opportunity for our firm to bring custom-quality architecture to a broader audience th...

Swatt | Miers Architects

OZ Residence

Atherton, CA, 2010

The new OZ Residence in Atherton, California captures the essence of casual California living with open planning, rich natural materials,...

Swatt | Miers Architects

Gradman Residence

Inverness, 2006

Situated 35 miles north of San Francisco near the Point Reyes National Seashore, the Gradman House embraces its steep site and the surrou...

Ward+Blake Architects

Residence for the EHA Family Trust

Wilson, Wyoming, 2010

This residence is sited in a natural clearing in a huge grove of aspen trees on a low lying lot situated between the Teton Range and the ...

Ward+Blake Architects

Martin-Pacifico Residence

Jackson, Wyoming, 2008

With careful integration the design maximizes solar gain and viewshed in the second-story living spaces of this home on an unusual slopin...

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