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Studio Libeskind

National Holocaust Monument

Brininstool + Lynch

Claremont House

Chicago, 2007

Traditional materials of brick, concrete, limestone, steel, and zinc are used to form a non-traditional house on a typical lot on the nor...

Marlon Blackwell Architects

2Square House

Fayetteville, 1998

This modest house is a suburban model that demonstrates that a house can be unique, efficient, and affordable in the context of t...

Marlon Blackwell Architects

L-Stack [Blackwell] House

Fayetteville, 2007

Marlon Blackwell Architects

Arkansas House

Johnson, Arkansas, 2003

The low-slung existing tartan grid structure, with traces of both Kahn and Wright, was instilled with a new sense of hierarchy th...

Marlon Blackwell Architects


Fayetteville, 1994

This ”hybrid-house” developed from our observations on how a boundary makes place out of space and how a frame is use...

Marlon Blackwell Architects

Keenan TowerHouse

Fayetteville, 2000

As a child, the owner spent many memorable days and nights in a tree house erected by his grandfather. In homage to these memorie...

Marlon Blackwell Architects

Moore Residence

Cashiers, 1990

My first residential design was for the late June Moore, an ex-girlfriend’s mother (never burn your bridges). June wanted t...

Marlon Blackwell Architects

Porchdog [Tyler Residence]

Biloxi, 2009

The Porchdog house is a new affordable prototype for the Biloxi Model Homes Project sponsored by Architecture for Humanity.  ...

Leroy Street Studio Architecture

Louver House

Long Island, 2007

LSS worked with the client, an avid outdoorsman and woodworker, to abstract the qualities of barn construction (generous spaces, ...

Leroy Street Studio Architecture

Bay House

Long Island, 2009

Situated in a flood plain on the barrier island off of Long Island, this house is elevated on piles, allowing the beach landscape to run ...

Allied Works

Sun Valley Residence

Ketchum, ID, 2004

The Sun Valley Residence lays in a rolling meadow of native grasses and wildflowers at the base of a small hill, surrounded by an establi...

Allied Works

Dutchess County Residence Guest House

Stanfordville, NY, 2008

Allied Works was commissioned to design a residence, guesthouse and private gallery on 350 acres in Dutchess County, New York. Located on...

Biber Architects

Spruce Residence

Ann Arbor, 2007

In the 1950s and 1960s, a group of young Ann Arbor modernists built dozens of homes in the suburbs surrounding the University of Michigan...

Biber Architects


Brooklyn, 2001

Renovating an historic home is about listening to the past – Brownstones are built on patterns that have been refined for literally...

Biber Architects

Guest House

Montauk, 2006

This house’s connection to history and context give it an instructive role in our portfolio. The main house is a continuation of a ...

Biber Architects

Oceanfront Residence

Montauk, 2006

This is the finest private residence we have ever designed, for both the level of quality and the magnificence of the site. It was design...

Biber Architects

Sten-Frenke House

Santa Monica, 2005

Anna Sten, the Ukrainian film actress, and her producer husband Dr. Eugene Frenke, came to Hollywood under the aegis of Samuel Goldwyn.&n...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Glass Wood House

Conneticut, 2010

This is a project in Connecticut (US) to repair a residence designed by Joe Black Leigh, and add a new house to the site. New Canaan is k...


Extruded House


The project required that the existing Federal Style house to remain and to be preserved while providing an addition to the house.  ...


Palo Alto Residence

Palo Alto, CA, 2010

This new 5,800 square foot home for a family of five is located on a corner lot in Palo Alto, California.  Both clients work in the ...


Aptos Retreat

Aptos, CA, 2010

This project was designed for a San Francisco couple with six children – with ages ranging from high school to college. The propert...

Richard Meier & Partners Architects

Douglas House

Harbour Springs, Michigan, 1973

The Douglas House is dramatically situated on an isolated site that slopes down to Lake Michigan. So steep is the fall of the land from t...

Oppenheim Architecture

Hamptons Residence

East Hampton

Scope 11,000 SF private residence. Architecture Location East Hampton, New...

Oppenheim Architecture

Villa Allegra

Miami Beach, 2004

Scope 9,000 SF private residence. Architecture/Interior design Location Mi...

Oppenheim Architecture

La Muna

Aspen, 2010

Scope 3,500 SF mountain home. Architecture/Interior Design Location Aspen,...

Oppenheim Architecture

La Nubia


Scope 7,500 SF private residence. Architecture/Interior finishes Location ...

Franklin Studios Architecture Corp.

Fullerton Residence

Fullerton, California, 2011

Located in a planned community and originally designed by a cost-conscious developer with a taste for crown molding, the challenge was to...

Franklin Studios Architecture Corp.

Foxtail Supperclub

West Hollywood, 2009

While retaining the glamour of a 1920’s high society Supper Club, Foxtail turns early twentieth-century design on its head. Two sto...

Carlos Brillembourg Architects

Rensselaerville Pool House

Rensselaerville, NY, 1985

One large bright space open on three sides, with a roof that seems to hover above. A large fireplace with a free standing chimney dominat...

Carlos Brillembourg Architects

Fresh Pond

North Haven, L.I., 2002

Using the existing perimeter of an existing house, two overlapping squares fit perfectly into the existing boundary to create the Loening...

Carlos Brillembourg Architects

Grove Palace

Miami, 1999

This project for a large house in Coral Gables takes advantage of the tropical climate by the use of covered porches, a large central cou...

Carlos Brillembourg Architects

Pine Street

Southampton, 2007

The existing ranch house on a secluded site surrounded by a nature preserve was transformed by means of a two-storey addition and by open...

Carlos Brillembourg Architects

Hildreth House

Southampton, 2007

This house sits on a small rectangular site (sixty feet wide and two hundred feet deep) on the south fork of Long Island. The house was c...

Carlos Brillembourg Architects

Hibiscus House

Miami, 1998

A house designed in Miami, Florida with Architect Jose Antonio. Four principal volumes -the entry-way, the dining area, the living room a...

Carlos Brillembourg Architects


New York City, 1988

A large five-bedroom apartment overlooking the East River was Finished with stained oak millwork and plaster walls. The rooms are connect...

Carlos Brillembourg Architects


Sagaponack, 1983

One house made from two existing barns placed end to end. The simple agrarian structures were transformed by the addition of windows, a t...

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