Featured Project

Studio Libeskind

National Holocaust Monument

Tighe Architecture

Live Oak Studio

Los Feliz, 2003

The 1500 sq. ft painting studio is located among the Hollywood Hills. The building is seen as a continuation of the landscape. The massin...

Jensen Architects

Kokoris Residence

San Francisco, 2008

An existing hillside home is transformed with the addition of a re-imagined contemporary front porch. Floating concrete steps lead to the...

Krueck + Sexton

A Transparent House II

Gulfcoast, 2005

The Transparent House demonstrates the key roles personal history and psychology play in residential design. In this case, the industrial...



Easton, 2012

Bridge-Studio is a new artist studio building in Easton, Pennsylvania, designed for a couple who are both artists and gallery owners in N...


Holley Residence

Garrison, NY, 2006

The client commissioned hanrahanMeyers to design a 7,000 square foot house on a wooded site. The house is a second home for this client w...

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