Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

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33602 Tampa

Since turning its back on the river on which it was built, Tampa has historically lacked a sense of place and center. Through a public-private partnership, the city has assembled this six-acre site as its most critical development area. The long-awaited emergence of residential and Arts District downtown presents a fresh opportunity for an active downtown and a park in which to host civil and cultural events.

Imagining a vibrant civic space that would have instant and sustained success, the city selected Thomas Balsley Associates in an open competition. Now in the schematic phase, TBA’s initial design work involves a carefully-conceived urban design analysis and plan for the site that will include museums, retail, and residential as well as the city’s attendant parking needs. In his keynote speech to the Downtown Partnership, Tom Balsley lit up the room with compelling images of a space filled with activity throughout the year, but flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of uses from Superbowl festivals to quiet park experiences for families with their children.

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