Water Mill Houses

Water Mill
Foto © Peter Aaron
Foto © Peter Aaron
Foto © Peter Aaron
Foto © Peter Aaron
Foto © Peter Aaron
Foto © Peter Aaron
Foto © Peter Aaron
Foto © Peter Aaron
Foto © Nikolas Koenig
Foto © Peter Aaron
1100 Architect
Water Mill

Distributed across fifteen acres of wooded land, this family retreat consists of a main house, pool house, guesthouse, bunkhouse, and garage. The main, or “glass,” house stands on the highest peak of the property, allowing for an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape and shoreline from the roof terrace. It functions as a sophisticated tree house, with a shielded bottom floor for sleeping and an open, transparent second floor for living. Set in separate corners of the property, both the glass-walled guesthouse and the pool house echo the main house’s underlying principle: open to light, hidden by trees. The bunkhouse, the latest addition to the complex, is a multi-use space that acts as a study and fitness area, as well as a second guesthouse.

AIA New York State Design Award – Citation, Water Mill Houses, 2008

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